Bio Processing and Food Pilot Plant


Bio Processing and Food Pilot Plant

Bio Processing and Food Pilot Plant provides small-scale manufacturing facilities and services for herbal-based products to new and existing entrepreneurs, as well as assisting researchers in the production of scale-testing products.

The facilities available not only process herbs, but also process fruits, spices and other natural resources to make the product ready or partially prepared according to the needs of the entrepreneur.

KBioCorp Bio Processing Food Pilot Plant had obtained the MeSTI certification, a chain-of-custody system introduced by the Ministry of Health Malaysia that provides assurance of appropriate and safe handling of food products.

As global concerns about food safety continue to grow, KBioCorp Bio and Food Processing Pilot Plant had obtained the certification on HALAL. HALAL is a chain-of-custody system that provides assurance of appropriate and safe handling of food production in accordance to Islamic principles.

In KBioCorp, entrepreneurs do not have to invest high start-ups in producing products using the facilities provided by KBioCorp.


Grinder is used to produce 5-10 mm grinded powdered material as well as fine powdered material.

Application: Food, Herbal, Spices, etc

Multipurpose Extractor System

To extract water/solvent soluble substances from a material. Liquid extracts with different concentration are produced depending on the type of material, temperature setting, material particle size and duration of extraction hours.

Application: Food, Herbal, Spices, etc

Spray Dryer Extract

To produce dry powder with consistent particle size from liquid or slurry by rapid drying with hot air or gas. A preferred drying method for many thermal sensitive materials such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Application: Food, Pharmaceutical, Herbal , Spices, etc

Sachet Packaging

Sachet Packaging Machine is used to pack powder or granular materials into aluminium foil before packing into carton/pouch or other containers. It can produce sachet size of 12 grams and 30 grams with a speed up to 30 sachets per minute.

Application: Powdered food and beverages mix


Retort sterilization provides safe, effective shelf stability and can be done with fairly simple equipment. Newer agitation retort processes have reduced cook times, resulting in energy savings and less degradation of the food quality. Improvements in retort technology have increased the need to monitor the temperature in the retort sterilizer as well as the product itself.  Monitoring temperature ensures food safety, saves energy, reduces production time and assists in providing the best quality product.

Contract Manufacturing

We provide contract manufacturing services for our customers from powdered beverages industries to process raw materials into marketable products.

Special Services

Special Herbal Extraction Services Are Available Upon Request